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Stentering frame
Roller screen
Hinged frame
Swing door
Pleated blinds
Sliding systems
Insect screening for lightwells

Look forward to a new awareness of thanks made to measure insect screens. 

They give you a peaceful sleep with the window open, fresh air and the comforting feeling of having done something good for protecting your family.

Quality of life...

... the measure of all things. A higher environmental awareness and climate changes have the insect in a completely new light. Insects do not have to be fought with fly swatter or even poison.  


...the team of Netec mosquiteras S.L. is a certified manufacturing partner of Neher for many years working in the field insect. In our production, we manufacture according to strict quality guidelines insect protection solutions.


...we are constantly looking for new distributors. You would like to sell insect screening or expel him already, but meet again and again to the limits of what is possible? Then you've come to the right place. Our program consists of over 400 different insect solutions.